Julián Esteban Torres López is a storyteller who helps others tell their stories. He’s the founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Nasiona, which publishes a narrative nonfiction magazine, books, and offers editing services.

Julián is the author of essays, fiction, poetry collection Ninety-Two Surgically Enhanced Mannequinsand of philosophy/ethics/political science book Marx’s Humanism and Its Limits: Why Marx Believed We Should Achieve Socialism and Communism Nonviolently.

Forthcoming book:

Reporting on Colombia: Essays on Colombia’s History, Culture, Peoples, and Armed Conflict

Julián is an editor, writer, researcher, and educator with nearly two decades’ experience working with publications, historical societies, and cultural and research institutions, and has held leadership positions in the academe, the arts, journals, the business sector, and history museums.

Julián received a B.A. in Philosophy, a B.A. in Communication, and an M.A. in Justice Studies from the University of New Hampshire.  He was a Ph.D. candidate at University of British Columbia Okanagan’s Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Program, where he focused on Political Science and Latin American Studies.  He also attended Rivier College as a freshman pre-Dent student, and, many years later, the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia, on a research scholarship.

He’s an introverted bibliophile who takes the stairs to avoid awkward elevator small talk.  He also has three front teeth (go ahead, zoom in on the photo), swam in the Amazon River, likes to play the French Defense and the Colle System as chess openings, finds the taste of alcohol disgusting, his wife is his favorite painter, secretly desires to be a stand-up comic or a classical music composer, feels at ease near mountains, and was almost born in Queens New York.

Born, instead, in Medellín, Colombia, Julián immigrated to New Hampshire, U.S.A., when he was eight years old.  Having also lived in Japan, Chile, and Canada, he identifies as a cultural hybrid.  He’s also had over 80 roommates, which has made it difficult to call one place home.  He does, however, have a special place in his heart for the Aburrá Valley of Colombia, the seacoast of New Hampshire, Canada’s Okanagan Valley, and the hills of San Francisco, where he lives with his interior designer + artist wife.  It is from here he writes, reads, helps others polish and share their stories, and imagines an alternate life as a comedian, where he tells jokes on stage while drinking decaf.

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