Publishing House

We are currently not accepting any more manuscript submissions or queries.

Julián Esteban Torres López runs The Nasiona Publishing House, which publishes several book-length nonfiction manuscripts (paperback and Kindle) each calendar year that align with The Nasiona‘s mission. We are primarily interested in publishing anthologies and emerging authors who have yet to publish their first book, but we will also consider established authors.

Current titles

Mixed, by Nicole Zelniker; foreword by Julián Esteban Torres López

Vestiges of Courage: Collected Essays, by Mireya S. Vela; foreword by Terry Wolverton

Eat The Eight: Preventing Food Allergy with Food and the Imperfect Art of Medicine, by Ron Sunog, MD

PLACES & NAMES: Poems, by Carl Boon

Marx’s Humanism and Its Limits: Why Marx Believed We Should Achieve Socialism and Communism Nonviolently, by Julián Esteban Torres López


Forthcoming titles

Reporting on Colombia: Essays on Colombia’s History, Culture, Peoples, and Armed Conflict, by Julián Esteban Torres López

“Give Us a Smile”: Collected Essays on Womanhood and Trauma, edited by Julián Esteban Torres López and Aïcha Martine Thiam