Julián Esteban Torres López has embarked on many creative and community service projects over the years.  Below you can find a selection of his current and older endeavors.

Julián is passionate about history, storytelling, community-building, and helping students and creatives gain exposure and develop their talents.

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The Nasiona Podcast. Launching 28 February 2019.

The Nasiona is a nonfiction storytelling org. We share stories that explore the spectrum of human experience and give you a glimpse into foreign worlds

Julián is on a quest to walk every San Francisco street. This is where he shares photos, videos, and thoughts he’s meditated on during his walks.

The Moments Project is an effort by Julián to capture the moments and random thoughts of his life.

Julián tells abstract, surrealist stories through historical recordings (interviews, speeches, news, songs) mixed with soundscapes.


  • Museum Manager, Wells Fargo History Museum in San Francisco, November 2015-December 2017.
    • Also remotely managed the Los Angeles Wells Fargo History Museum from September-December 2017.
  • Founder, Heavy Words, an online journal of informative, analytical, and creative columns on culture, politics, ethics, current events, and the arts, 2010-2011.
  • Founder, International Film Fridays, University of British Columbia Okanagan, 2008-2009.
  • Founder, Chess Club, University of British Columbia Okanagan, 2008.
  • Moderator, Socratic Society, a weekly philosophy discussion group, University of New Hampshire, 2005-2006.
  • Founder, Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, University of New Hampshire, 2003-2006.
  • Business Manager + Editor, helped revive The Dialectic, undergraduate philosophy journal of University of New Hampshire after over a decade of it being discontinued, 2003-2005.
  • Co-Founder, The Writ, an online literary workshop and publication for budding writers of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, 2003-2007.
  • Founder, The Waysmeet Art Gallery, Durham, New Hampshire, 2003-2005.
  • Director, Remember the Tall Grass, Short Film Documentary of Singer/Songwriter Liz Parmalee, Durham, New Hampshire, 2003.
  • Founder, Wet Paint Café, a bi-monthly venue for local music and storytelling, 2002-2004.
  • Weekly Writers’ Workshop, Durham, New Hampshire, 2002-2003.
  • Co-Founder, The Artists’ Circle, an artists’ collective that acted like a vehicle for developing and showcasing the artistic creativity of the local community, 2002-2005.
  • Founder, Society of Expression, a collective of artists that performed throughout Southern New Hampshire, 2001-2002.
  • President, Commuter Committee, Rivier College, 1999-2000.