Julián Esteban Torres López has conducted dozens of interviews for The Nasiona‘s magazine and podcast. Some have already been published, while others are forthcoming. Julián is known for his engaging, in-depth, long-form conversations with experts, creatives, social justice activists, and culture leaders to critically analyze numerous topics, such as incarceration and prison abolition; institutionalized racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia; immigration and diaspora; adoption; the autism spectrum; womanhood and trauma; systemic barriers of entry in storytelling industries; memoir writing; minimalism; being mixed-race; intersectionality; colorism; colonialism; conflict resolution; Third Culture Kids; Latinidad; multiculturalism; and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Irma Herrera

Playwright | Lawyer | Journalist | Activista

Mireya S. Vela

Author | Researcher | Artist

Colette Ghunim

Filmmaker | co-Founder of Mezcla Media Collective

Yaldaz Sadakova

Journalist | Author | Creator of

Tori Reid

Podcaster | co-Founder of Victory & Noble

Patrick A. Howell

Author | co-Founder of Victory & Noble

Ruben Quesada

Author | Educator | Founder of the Latinx Writers Caucus

Su Su Maung

Poet | Founder of Citta Consultancy

Sylvia Salazar

Immigrant | Political Activist | Founder of Tono Latino

Robin Harwick, PhD

Scholar | Writer | Founder of The Pearl Democratic High School

Kimberly Douglass, PhD

Scholar | President-CEO of Remote Learning Solutions

Jim Cavan

Sportswriter | Memoirist | co-Founder of Rett's Roost

Leah Whetten-Goldstein

Transracial adoptee | Doctor of Law

Aïcha Martine Thiam

Artist | Wordsmith | co-Founder of The Nasiona

Christina Igaraividez

Actor | Storyteller | Producer | Content Creator

Nicole Zelniker

Journalist | Author

Adriaan Alsema

Journalist | Founder of Colombia Reports

Richa Pokhrel

Nonprofit Professional | Creator of Nepali Chhori

John Donaldson

Int'l Master | Chess Writer | Journalist | Coach | Historian

David Soto Jr.

Author | Minimalist

Tamara Jong

Mixed-Race Writer of Chinese and European Ancestry

Ron Sunog, MD

Author | Pediatrician

Heidi Harris

Musician | Vocalist | Visual Artist

Carl Boon

Poet | Educator

Joe Sparkman

Activist | Grammy Award-Winning Producer | Medsav co-Founder

Lisa D. Gray

Writer | Founder of Our Voices, Our Stories SF

John Z. Guzlowski

Author | Poet | Refugee

Gustavo Restrepo

Director of Corporación Fernando González – Otraparte

Parisa Mehran, PhD

Racial Equity Advocate | Founder of WOC in ELT

Vanessa Weathers

Experience Designer

Kanchan Gautam

Third Culture Kid

Ra Avis

Prison Abolitionist | Poet | Award-Winning Blogger

Alexandra Meda

Artistic Director for Teatro Luna | Culture Producer

Liza Ann Acosta

Teatro Luna Member | Educator | University Dean

Carlos Carrasco

Actor | Director of Panamanian Int'l Film Festival LA

Nelson Torres

Survivor of Close Calls | Do-It-Yourselfer | Artist


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